Tuesday, December 31, 2013

shits happens

Its sad to see how a women sacrifices
Is not seen
Wat happen to their body after givin birth Wat happen to their skin..its not sumthing any of them want not to mention the pain they endure. .and then after wat happen to their body u just simply choose another beautiful women just because they are not any more? Well its just bull s#××.. another sad story when we as women ignore this and support the men..wt#
U are a women..u shud noe what she felt how she felt it..not as exactly maybe but at least a tiny bit..

Wat hurts more is when u were there but doesnt even bother to say anything..its like whatsapp, u can see the last time that person active but not replying or texting u..tat annoying moment..

Life is full of sh*t but we the people who live in it could make it a better place by caring for each other..

Just my 2cents..

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